Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My School Hymn

Feeling pretty jaded at the moment, my computer's gone dead on me, the repairman says it's probably the motherboard. I'm waiting for him to give me a call and tell me what's going on. So I'm using my husband's computer, which is frustrating, because I have no access to my normal email, or my bookmarks (poor google is really getting a workout at the moment). But through my head is going my high school school hymn. OK< I finished school in 1972, but that hymn became part of me, and, because it made so much sense to me, parts of it have become woven into the essential fabric of my thinking. This is it(and we 900 girls singing it together in school assembly)


Go forth with God! The day is now
That thou must meet the test of youth:
Salvation's helm upon thy brow,
Go, girded with the living truth.
In ways thine elder brethren trod
Thy feet are set. Go forth with God!

Think fair of all, and all men love,
And with the builder bear thy part:
Let every day and duty prove
The humble witness of thy heart.
Go forth! Tis God bids thee increase
The bounds of love and joy and peace.

Behold with thine uplifted eyes
Beauty through all that sorrow seems,
And make of earth a paradise,
The substance of thy dearest dreams,
Bring laughter to thy great employ:
Go forth with God and find his joy.

Go forth with God! The world awaits
The coming of the pure and strong;
Strike for the faith and storm the gates
That keep the citadel of wrong.
Glory shall shine about thy road,
Great heart, if thou go forth with God!


Suzanne R said...

I'm sorry your computer has gone south on you. I hope it is fixed soon.

It's late and the words to the recent posts I want to read are blurry, so I will come back tomorrow or soon, at any rate, to read them. I am writing mainly to let you know I have given you an Award, on my blog.

fran said...

Dear Lynne:

This hymn was going through my head too and I did a search to find some of the words I had forgotten and came across this old post of yours. We must have been at school at the same time (I left in 1970). I have never seen or heard this hymn anywhere else but I remember all the different parts and most of the words. Thanks for posting it.