Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Favourite Lyrics

Over at the Rabbit Room, Andrew Peterson's group blog, they asked for people's favourite song lyrics. Last time I looked, they had 177 replies, some of them quoting stuff that was just so .. (fill in appropriate non-cliched adjective to express deep emotional response). So I thought that from time to time I'd post some of my own favourites here, here a line, there a stanza, standout lines from songs, hymns, anythoing with music, that impact me. Let me say in advance that most things written by Rich Mullins or Andrew Peterson already fall into that category!

So, a few to start with:

Heart of my own heart whatever befall
Still be my vision, oh Ruler of All
 Be Thou my Vision (traditional)

Rushing wind blow through this temple
Blowing out the dust within
Come and breathe your breath upon me
I’ve been born again
 Keith Green

Death is dead, love has won, Christ has conquered
 New Irish Hymns

Come to the Table that He’s prepared for you
The bread of forgiveness, the wine of release
Come to the table and sit down beside Him
The Saviour wants you to join in the feast
 Michael Card
(this one has particular significance for me. For years I had thought that when certain people in the church rejected and condemned me they were speaking on God’s behalf. I actually visualised myself standing outside in the rain and looking in through the window at those who were gathered inside, banqueting. Hen one day I heard this song ..)


Anonymous said...
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Suzanne R said...

You are getting these spammers, too. They seem to be infesting blogger, for some reason. I like having the moderating feature set because I can just reject them before they can make it to my comments section, although you may be able to ditch them some way, I don't know.

I love "Be Thou My Vision" -- such a wonderful hymn. I didn't know that hymns could be beautiful as very few, if any, were in my church of origin. (I had a friend who was visiting my church in high school tell me that, but I had to leave the denomination I grew up in to find that out for myself.)

Lynne said...

I've deleted them. That's what they deserve!