Friday, April 04, 2014

Lent 27: Psalm 80

Make your face shine upon us

No branch can graft itself
Upon the One true Vine.
Yours is the flowing life
Yours is the bread and wine.

You are the only way
The only life we know.
Restore us, make us whole,
Or down to death we go.

Down to the depths of death,
Down to the darkest place:
There is no life in us
We only live by grace.

Unless Your face should shine
Then we are dark indeed.
Tears are our only drink,
Ashes our only feed.

We perish on our path,
Helpless to find our way.
But if you shine Your face
On us, then all is day.

Oh Lord come shine on us,
Our broken lives restore.
That we may worship You

In light for evermore.

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