Monday, April 14, 2014

Lent 35: Exodus 10: 21 - 11: 10

The final plague

God so much greater than all Egypt’s might,
God of the desert stars and desert sand,
God who has called Your people to be Yours,
Under the lamb’s shed blood we take our stand.

God who has watched the nations rise and fall,
God who is ruler over history,
God who has heard our slavery’s harsh cry,
You have called out Your people to be free.

God who has loved us since before all time,
God, calling us to know You as our Lord,
God, who brings justice like the rolling sea,
And judgement sharper than the sharpest sword.

God, You, Yourself, our sole deliverance,
God of all righteousness, and of all grace,
God, You, Yourself, our stricken, dying lamb,
God who will bear all judgement in our place.

God of our exodus from death to life,
God, whose sure word is our amen, and yes,
God of the Resurrection and the Life,

God who has lavished us with love’s largesse.

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