Friday, April 18, 2014

Lent 39: Isaiah 53

Silence before the Lamb,
The broken Lamb of God!
Silence before His pain:
The whip, the nails, the blood!

Silence before such hell
No words of ours express!
Silence before the love,
That bore it all for us!

Silence to know that He,
In weakness was despised.
Silence to own that we
Rejected God’s own Christ.

Silence, for here all words
Fall short and fall away.
His light our darkness bears,
And darkness blots out day.

Silence to see such love
That would the stoniest break
For all that He endured,
He suffered for our sake.

Speak then, shout out His love,
Whose depth cannot be said;
For Christ was crucified,
Now death itself is dead!

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