Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lent 34. Psalm 18: 1 -7

The Lord is my Rock

My God is my refuge and rock,
A fortress secure where I go
In every trouble or trial
For here I am safe from my foe.

In doubt or in desperate fear,
I cry out my need to the Lord;
For no one is greater than He
And His strong response is assured.

My God is so worthy of praise,
In mighty, omnipotent power;
But more! I’m the child of His love,
Held close to his heart hour by hour.

No power in earth or in heaven
Can hold me apart from His grace.
The grave has been vanquished by Him
Who rules over all time and space.

Great mountains of terror may loom,
But never upon me can fall,
In the most precipitous place

He holds me securely through all.

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