Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter at the Salt Marsh

A poem inspired by a walk

Here the dry stillness lies, waiting the surge
Of strong, salt water, bringing in the flood,
In known season. Here the plovers stalk.
Here, behind barrenness, is life in bud.

Here, in this quietness under vivid sky,
I feel again the stirring of that song
That transcends mortal sorrow. In this breath,
I know I am not flotsam, but belong.

Death, life, the big things, meet in minute span,
Here, where I can encompass with one eye,
This space, this place, this challenge, sere and bare,
Asks if the flesh still fears to fade and die.

Flesh versus faith. Caught on the pin of time
We wriggle but remain. We sing, we weep,
And own our courage just for one more step.
We still have foothold though the way is steep.

He is my courage. He, and He alone,
Can carry me the way that He has trod.
For He, Himself has made Himself the way,

He is my Resurrection. He is God.

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