Saturday, March 14, 2015

Reflections Luke 3:23-38

He has woven through the generations
A pattern finer than we see
He has woven through the generations
The patterns of eternity.

Here it is, complete, entire we see it:
Son of God and Son of Man
Christ, come down from everlasting glory,
Planned before all worlds began.

Doubting priests could read it in the temple
If they had the eyes to see:
He was the son of Adam, son of David
There is the genealogy.

But beyond the surface and appearance
A deeper truth is shown there:
Christ incarnate of the Virgin Mary,
God, our mortality to share.

Men thought him to be the son of Joseph,
Men didn’t see the greater thing:
More than just a Galilean preacher,
He the Christ, he th’eternal king.

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