Monday, March 09, 2015

This I will choose

This I will choose: Your Kingdom and Your love,
Above all other gain, all other choice.
This I will choose: the loss that finds in You
A fairer beauty where I can rejoice.

This I will choose: to leave the clamoured path
For the dear stillness of another way,
The silence where Your love speaks loud to me,
And tells me what no dollar sign can say.

This I will choose: this learning to forgive,
To lay aside all vengeance rightly mine,
Submitted to the mercy of your cross,
The grace that is my daily bread and wine.

This I will choose: this best first precious thing,
This love that holds me, and will ever hold,
Safe in Your nail-pierced hands, till worlds shall cease,

To love and be loved still in realms untold.

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