Friday, March 20, 2015

Reflections Luke 4: 20-30

This is the country of unfaith,
The country of over-familiar.
Here, seeing, we see not,
Hearing, we hear not,
Thinking we know, we know nothing.
We have turned off our souls.

The Christ, himself,
Stands in our midst,
And we only see the guy from down the street.
(As if our neighbour,
Every neighbour,
Was not fearfully and wonderfully made!)

What will it take to wake us,
To make us aware again,
Or to see wonder for the first time?
We yearn the spectacular,
The strange,
The exciting,
The thunder and the lightning,
The fire and mighty rushing wind.

Lord, give us the courage
To turn aside and see
Your glory in the commonplace;
To believe again
That ordinary prayers are answered,
That ordinary actions weave divine love,
That ordinary people

Are the dwelling place of God.

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