Monday, March 23, 2015

Reflections Luke 5: 1-5

But mine is such an ordinary boat,
Battered about by waves and inner war
Staying afloat, but really only just,
What could the Lord of Heaven want it for?

He wants to use it as a place to teach?
Sure, that’s just basic hospitality,
I can make room for him to stand right there,
It’s just a platform, nothing about me.

But then he wants to go out in the deep
In my boat! Lord, I’m such a little thing,
I have no skills, no gift to carry you,
Others are better for your ferrying.

And yet, I go. His word compels me on
Into those places deep, alone and wet,
And when I falter in my weariness,
He tells me, calmly, to put out my net.

What! Don’t you know that we toiled all the night
For nothing? There are no fish to pursue!
And yet, and yet, his word compels me still,

So this, confused, obedient, I do.

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