Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reflections Luke 5: 6-9

Your Law beats down upon me
Like harsh rain,
Like pelting hail,
Like a wind with bitter teeth.
I draw around me,
Tightly as I can,
The ragged, dirt-splashed cloak
Of my self-righteousness:
All the defence I have.

But then I raise my eyes
And see your smile
And my world is torn apart.
Your largesse flows over every rampart
Into the secret places
Where you wash my sight
Free from blinding pride.
Alpha and Omega,
There is no place left
Protected from your love.

Your mercy
Makes me cry for mercy.
Your grace
Makes me cry for grace.
Across impossible skies
Your nail-pierced hands
Reach to lift me from myself.

It is too much.
I cannot comprehend,
And I no longer know myself.
A tumult of forgiveness
Before I can confess
Leaves me without foothold.
I am drowning now in Life,

And I fear that it will kill me.

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