Sunday, May 28, 2006

An alternative view

My daughter's opinion of what I should have written on Saturday:

SHE IS: A vegetable of rare talents and surprising sillinesses!
SHE WANTS: To be able to fly and greater heating in Winter.
SHE HATES: Being told how to feel, boring, middle-class Christian culture's social expectations from habit instead of conviction, anything that hurts people
SHE MISSES: A loving family and the freedom of cooking what she wants.
SHE FEARS: Being helpless, being constrained, being unloved.
SHE HEARS: Lots of laughter and the waterfall outside.
SHE WONDERS: Why people are the way that they are.
SHE REGRETS: Not seeing the Family Bible and losing all that history...
SHE IS NOT: Sharp-tongued, aerobic or stupid.
SHE DANCES: In the courts of Heaven (symbolically speaking!)
SHE SINGS: Many songs, very sweetly.
SHE CRIES: At many different movies, books etc. - sad, beautiful or sometimes anything in between!
SHE IS NOT ALWAYS: Sensible or pragmatic.
SHE MAKES WITH HER HANDS: Much good food for the good of many.
SHE WRITES: Better than anyone else in the family!
SHE CONFUSES: some people with her somewhat obscure brand of humour.
SHE NEEDS: Chocolate, cuddles, affirmation and someone to help her manage the little practicalities of life.
SHE SHOULD: Stop worrying about who does the laundry.
SHE STARTS: Most things that she wants to do.
SHE FINISHES: Not as much as what she starts!


Suzanne R said...

What a sweet daughter you have! This is so neat -- it's fun to get a picture of you through her eyes.

Anonymous said...

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