Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Word became Flesh

I've been pondering the last few days about the inadequacies of the doctrine of propositinal revelation -- claiming that God only reveals Himself through words. How can they attach "only" to "God"? He is the Word, who wishes to communicate with us in every possible way, and men want to say that only one form of communication is acceptable!! Then, on another forum, someone talked about how could we better deal with people with disagree with, without both sides condemning each other, and someone else suggested that "the Word became Flesh" was a direction for us. This is what I wrote:

I was thinking only yesterday about the same thing in a very different context, how very much we try to regularise and rationalise and explain the faith, when our first responsibility is to live it. The Word became flesh indeed, yet we we live as if the Word became words — bricks to build our fortresses and arrows to hurl at one another. The hands that serve, the art that inspires, the hearts that suffer, the arms that hold, these, potentially, can express Christ more than any theological formulation (not because the formula is necessarily wrong, it may be very right and very important, but because it is one dimensional). think about it, the word that spoke the universe into being became so limited by our flesh that He had to learn to speak all over again — and how many words did He speak on the cross while doing His greatest work?


Suzanne R said...

Powerful thoughts, and I agree! BTW, you've been tagged -- see my blog. :-)

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