Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ten rules for knowing you're wrong

came across this out in web-land and thought it was a keeper. Then again ... I could be wrong ....

10 Rules for Knowing You're Wrong
If you're not talking about Jesus, you're wrong.
If you define a sin in such a way that it can't possibly apply to you, you're wrong.
If your doctrine leads you to cut yourself off from everyone but like 9 others, you're wrong.
If your theology excuses you from doing something God commanded, you're wrong.
If you believe in a way that allows you to inflict or ignore others' suffering, you're wrong.
If you're talking about how thankful you are that you're better than those jerks, you're wrong.
If your case relies entirely on citation of authority, you're wrong.
If you can't defend your belief without lying about what it is, you're wrong.
If you say you believe something and qualify the hell out of it, you're wrong.
If your version of the Gospel isn't actually good news, you're wrong.

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