Thursday, May 04, 2006

via crucis --fifth posting

Toiling painfully
Up the hill
Knowing the burden intolerable
But there is no other way.

At the summit
The thing that I most fear
Shall come upon me

And after that the morning
And the arms that hold

I have sought refuge within your gates
And they opened wide for me.
From the icy rain to the warmth inside
I come in my confusion ..
Should I bring gifts?

Strange that there should be oxen here
And donkeys braying to shatter my quiet.
Men ooze sores and no one tends them
Holey instead of holy
My eyes sting
Perhaps these acid tears will wash the filthy floor?

I would be wholly yours, but find instead
Their clamouring needs, and must give up my bed.

While the anger rages
Noisy in these walls
Underneath its clamour
Silence that appals.

Waiting for an answer
To my desperate need
Silencing all voices
For one voice I plead.

Kicking raging screaming
Locked within this space
Here the truth must find me
And no other place.


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