Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another meme

Let's see how I go with this one. And remember, what I answer today is not necessarily what I would say yesterday or tomorrow.

I AM: A pickle of course! Also a middle aged woman, and a child of God with wonder in my soul
I WANT: To be free to live my dreams.
I HATE: Boredom, prejudice, small-mindedness, utilitarianism -- all the things that keep a person safe and dull. Also cruelty and abusiveness, that kill people's freedom.
I MISS: having a loving extended family.
I FEAR: physical helplessness, being at the mercy of someone else's control.
I HEAR: Silence. Birdsong. Background noises of my family at home (it's Saturday)
I WONDER: How different my life might have been if just a couple of decisions had not been made the way they were.
I REGRET: Not getting a degree when I was young.
I AM NOT: physically adventurous or sporty.
I DANCE: In my heart some days.
I SING: Whenever there's no one around to listen.
I CRY: Mainly in secret, but I do get caught out by books or words that are moving and inspirational.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: ready to go to bed when my husband wants to. (in fact, often not)
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Dinner. I loathe handcrafts and have ten thumbs
I WRITE: Poetry, essays, blog, email ...
I CONFUSE: Loving with having to be a doormat.(But I'm learning)
I NEED: More energy. More encouragement. chocolate
I SHOULD: learn to show my feelings more.
I START: each day slowly.(I hate to be rushed first thing in the morning)
I FINISH: my college assignments on time (a continuous miracle)


Suzanne R said...

I love it that you need chocolate! LOL! I forgot when I did this meme that I do, too . . . ;-)

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