Thursday, June 08, 2006


ok, i'm on a roll. This time: Lynne can't!
*Lynne can't compete (guess I must be just too good for the competition .. or too nice to be competitive!)
*Lynne can't do quite wrong (I can get awfully close though .. can't tell the difference myself!)
*Lynne can't compose poorly (truth is, Lynne can't compose at all)
*Lynne can't remember the last time she sat down to dinner with her husband (I can so too! it was about 31/2 hours ago, and I can even remember what I cooked!)
*Lynne can't pick who the person falls in love with at all (no, but I bet it was a frog they had to kiss!)
*Lynne can't give him a trial (Lynne's not into trying?)
*Lynne, can't have COLIN FIRTH as a baddie (well, I wouldn't want to upset Suzanne, I know what she thinks of him!)
*Lynne can't take a joke (of course I can, but only if it's funny!)
*Lynne can't hold a candle (no, I go round with an electric light bulb stuck above my head like a cartoon character)
*Lynne can't be blamed this time (that makes a nice change!)
*Lynne can't be all that bad eh? (does this one need a comment?)
*Lynne Can't Go Back Home (this could make life difficult)
*Lynne can't seem to keep her temper (why would i want to keep one? Nowhere to store it! besides, you only have one if you lose it .. go figure!)


Suzanne R said...

How very funny about your Colin Firth reference. You could have stopped at "Lynne can't have Colin Firth" because he's mine! LOL! (He might be surprised to hear that, though, since he's happily married and has no idea I exist!) LOL!

Lynne B said...

Your page is wonderful! I was playing the Lynne needs game, too, and your page was the first to pop up. I thought the Lynne can't game looked quite fun! Then, after browsing around your page, I saw "Near St Helens", and thought "How interesting", because this Lynne, that also likes to play "Lynne" games, has a Mt. St. Helens right here by me. What a lovely coincidence!
Have a wonderful day!
Lynne, Yelm, WA, USA