Sunday, June 11, 2006


Just for fun -- things I associate with the colour green:
1. grass, leaves, plants -- all the obvious ones first, but they do make the world very beautiful!
2. Pickles! -- ok, but you do have to remember that I'm the naughty pickle who's green and bumpy and stands in the corner :)
3.Kermit the Frog -- he was after all the one who sang "It's not easy being green", the anthem of all of us pickles
4. Scarlett O'Hara's eyes -- for some reason it's the mention of her green eyes that stays with me. For many years, because of those green eyes, i visualised her as a redhead (despite Vivian Leigh). It was only a few years ago I re-read it and discovered she was dark!
5. New Zealand -- so green it almost hurts. However, it rains a lot to keep it that way.
6. Envy, the green-eyed monster -- one of the ugliest human motivations
7. My teenage bedspread. -- When I got my own room at age 12, I wanted mauve with a green bedspread. I had in mind a pretty apple green, when we went shopping my father insisted I had to get the first green one we found: an ugly dull dark green. I was so disappointed, but he wasn't going to spend any longer shopping than he had to!
8. The very hungry catterpillar -- one of the preschool books my sister lent my kids when they were small, not much plot but a very cute catterpillar!
9. Our guttering -- when we moved into this (brick) house all the eaves and gutters were cream, a few years ago we repainted them a gentle eucalytus green, really gave the place a lift!
10. My old Cruden's Concordance -- invaluable help for locating that elusive bible verse that's teasing my mind!

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