Monday, June 05, 2006

Google game

Here's something different, type in your own name +needs into Google and take the first 10 sentences that make sense. My comments follow each one.
1. Lynne needs a bunkmate (considering i have a husband and a queen sized bed, I can't imagine why! :) )
2. Lynne needs to look into other less expensive alternatives (to what? Oh well, it's probably a good idea anyway)
3. Lynne needs to explain to Ted that she will not be influenced by threats (is Ted a bear? I findclaws very threatening .. and influential!)
4. Lynne needs to let her hair grow out again (darn! I just got it cut, and I like it)
5. Lynne needs to stop with the excuses (aww ... I like making excuses ...)
6. Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed single (Lol! they're going to take some finding when I've been married more than 29 years!)
7. Lynne needs to go to Dodge City to attend a suffrage conference (suffrage? I thought we all had the vote. besides I thought Dodge city -- wherever that is -- was somewhere one should get out of!)
8. Lynne needs a description of each breakout session (someone has acne problems? I don't think telling me would solve them ..sigh ..)
9. Lynne needs to leave the water to rest (sorry water, I didn't know I was tiring you out)
10. Lynne needs assistance during her research ( bring it on! help for every college assignment!)

hmm ... whoever these mythical cyber "Lynnes" are out there, I don't think we share many needs in common!


greg the explorer said...

1 Greg Needs Your Help
Well, I guess we all need help once in a while!
2 Yes, Dear: Greg Needs a Friend
Never a truer word spoken I do need a friend - many of them!
3 Greg needs another arm
I am 'armless - but I wan;'t aware of this particular need of mine
4 Greg needs his friends to PRE-ORDER Greg’s book ArmedMadhouse
I'm taking this as direct revelation from God that I am indeed meant to write a book!
5 Greg needs a bone marrow transplant to help him fight his leukemia
Hopefully this isn't me but I certainly poray that whicever Greg in this world requires this treatment gets it and that it is a success.

greg the explorer said...

.6 Greg needs to take better care of himself,quit smoking and drinking
I was planning on doing this...hang on a minute I don't smoke...
7 Greg needs to have Guile installed
This sunds painful
8 Greg needs to have control of a lot of factors in Indian cricket
I'm not all that sure i can help out here
9 Greg needs to attend the final Luau
I'm happy to do this, althouhg a bit sad that it is the final one
10 Greg needs more airtime
This is the one I can most whole heartedly agree with - I do need it...give it to me please!!!

Suzanne R said...

I just played this -- I'll be posting the results on my blog tomorrow. :-)

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