Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Does not!

I thought the "Lynne needs" google game was so much fun the other day I should try another version This time, "Lynne does not"

1. Lynne does not provide Michael Schiavo's side of a 1994 incident (umm .. I would if I had a clue what it was .. if this is to do with Terry Schiavo I wouldn't dare speak to it without trembling with pity ..)
2.Lynne does not listen (sorry, you weren't speaking loud enough. I'm listening now!)
3. Lynne does not seem bothered that she is both boring and annoying. (Heavens! I had no idea! Must try to do better. Must try to do better ..)
4. Lynne does not always look like a filmmaker. (well I know I don't look like a film star, and I sure don't like Michael Moore or Steven Spielberg)
5. Lynne does not rate a mention (not even on my own blog?)
6. Lynne does not direct this Court (nor any other, not even a tennis court!)
7. Lynne, does not scream (well no, not normally. tends to hurt the throat, I've found)
8. Lynne does not wear black all the time (actually, not at all, except some pants and skirts. I'm a purple sort of person)
9. Lynne does not just have a pretty voice (see! more than a pretty voice, more than a pretty face ..)
10. Lynne does not compromise the Word of God. (well, I certainly try not to. But I also try to make sure I understand it in the big picture, the heart of God, before I try to be to dogmatic about little isolated verses)

This is so much fun I think I'll make it 15!

11. Lynne does not have those numbers (no, I have these numbers, and they're top secret!)
12. Lynne does not even spare herself (has this person been talking to my counsellor?)
13. Lynne does not believe she is an example from which budding writers can learn. (well, considering I've never been published .. But what does a budding writer look like? I sort of picture them breaking out in pens ..)
14. Lynne does not know how she will explain this (this blog? this life? this last assignment I wrote? face it, I probably can't explain anything!)
15. Lynne does not turn her back on the organic (so i must be facing it? Where? where?)
All i can conclude is that we Lynnes are rather complex creatures ..


Suzanne R said...

Great idea! You are giving me excellent fodder for future posts, should Google also provide. -G-

Lynne B said...


Again, I feel I must leave a comment. I truly hope that you read these. I am just browsing along more on your page. I really enjoy reading some of the results you got on your "Lynne" games, and as I read the lines, I must laugh and nod my head. Your conclusion is definitely right on! Us Lynnes are indeed rather complex creatures. I myself have found us to be almost walking contradictions, no?
Thank you for your wonderful blogs!