Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Personal Universe

Only to an impersonal scientific instrument (the only means of perception we have) is the universe sterile and lifeless. Anyone who has ever read C S Lewis' "Voyage to Venus" (Perelandra) will know where the original inspiration for this poem came from: the vision of the "Great Dance" near the end of the book -- a scene that even now I cannot re-read without crying ..


Love holds the stars in motion. Whirling spheres
Mutual attract in balance absolute,
Suffered by love to speak his righteousness,
And the cold, alien silence to refute.

Not lifeless rock, but living, singing dust,
Held in the motion of dynamic will;
Dwarfing our minds to teach us how to trust,
In Him Whose grace can every lightyear fill.

Not tyrannous, cold numbers, Love's delight
Frolics the orbits, sweetens heartless clay.
Where His touch reaches, there can be no night,
Only the keen expectancy of day.

All to His glory, suns and planets move
At Joy's command, engaged in wondrous dance.
All is the dear-wrought stage-set for His love,
Affirming us in true significance.


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