Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pool by moonlight

Wish I had a photo that went with this (though I guess moonlight's a tricky thing to photograph). Sometime I must rework the last verse, it's a bit cliched, but it's stilla good picture of how God uses the beauty He has imbued in creation to feed our hungry hearts.


Sweet at the end of day, at rest to find
Light in its loveliness. The holy peace
Of its soft silver bathing all my heart
With a caress which can all pain release.

Here, no demands beat on my stumbling soul,
No everlasting questions blaze on me.
I shall take off the burden of the day
And be embraced by this tranquillity.

I shall remember the simplicity
Of childhood’s sleep; and, in remembrance, smile;
The moon in unveiled love looks down on me,
And sheds her beauty on me all the while.

I shall step softly in the silent pool,
And wash from me all grime and bitterness
Ripples of mercy gentle all my fears
Till I can weep to know such loveliness.

Here is a peace I do not understand,
Given in sacred hour that I might know
Love is a gift of precious tenderness
Which he, himself, in mercy will bestow.

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