Friday, June 23, 2006


Today the sky turned soft with mist
I felt enclosed by You.
Rain fell on the longing grass
I thank you for your mercy
Sun broke through, flashing on the wet leaves
I thank You that my solitude
cannot lock out Your joy.

Today I thank You
for the ordinary things:
food and clothing, a shelter for the body
this body You have given me, with all its limitations,
through which I learn of You.

Today I thank You
For all my days, the bitter and the sweet,
For the present moment, passing yet eternal,
For time outside of time, the unimaginable
sweep of eternity
to which You call
this fragile self to dance in step with You
across forever.


Patchouli said...

lynne, I found this on a message board and thought you would like it.

A church group asked the community to write a psalm of exile with Psalm 137 as an example.


A secure future, mapped out, triumphant, successful
Shattered by a broken roof
We thought we'd heard God
But he was saying something very different
And had to use drama, storms, crashes and falling ceilings
To make himself heard over our smug complacency
We tried to hear again.
Started again
Lots of change, feelings of being let down, rejected
struggling to survive.
An enforced separation from present and expected future
Became a journey to a new present and a different future
Bleak days, loneliness, abandonment
led the way to a new home, new role, new friends, new future
Thankyou Lord for showing that Lord
and for staying with us as the echoes faded, the rubble settled,
If I get that complacent, that safe, that secure
Do it again
Do it again

Lynne said...

Wow! That's awesome!
Thank you so much for that!