Wednesday, June 07, 2006


And, since i'm really feeling silly tonight, having handed in my last assignment of the semester (ok, I still have to study for next Tuesday's Hebrew exam, but I'm taking one night off!) I thought I would also check out with my friend Google what Lynne should do. No numbers this time, I'll just go with the flow!
*Lynne should have a will (I do, I've had one ever since I was married, and updated it to include the kids)
* Lynne should team up with Tim Burton (but would this be a good career move for Tim Burton?)
*Lynne should send documents (what? to whom? don't they know I hate paperwork?)
* Lynne should really record a live album(nah, I think I'd do better with a dead one!)
*Lynne should have done the trick (what am I? a performing seal?)
*Lynne should deal with more companies (Lynne doesn't deal very well with companies at all. Lynne is strictly non-corporate)
*Lynne should have been left in the house for a bit longer (and kept barefoot in the kitchen as well?)
*Lynne should be an authority on real entertainment by now (well yeah, I know what entertains me ..)
*Lynne should visit India and get to the bottom of this Monkey Man thing(how can I if I have to stay in the house?)
*Lynne should live or die (umm .. nice to have an option?)
*Lynne should be proud (darn! all this time I was trying to operate on the Lynne should be humble theory!)

Ah well, now I've dealt with sufficient shoulds in my life, I can relax!

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Suzanne R said...

I did my "should" list! It is up as of today, if you have a chance to look.