Friday, March 06, 2015

Reflection Luke 2: 36-39

Through the full years and the sere
She has waited.
Through the turnings of the stars and the seasons of the sun
She has waited.
Through the cycles of birth and death,
The bitter and the sweet,
She has waited.
She has cried and dried her tears,
She has smiled, and heard her laughter fall away,
She has sat through both the words and the silence:
She has waited,
She has waited on her God.

For him she has fasted and prayed.
For him she has bound herself
To the temple of his former glory.
For him, for him she has waited
While her years stretched thin
In the purpose of his timing.

Her eyes have strained so long
Into the mercy of his giving,
They have truly learned to see.
This child,
This child,
This one among so many,
Is the promise come to flesh,
Redemption made visible,
His mercy in her hands.

Now unto us
Grant in your mercy,
Her hands, her heart, her eyes,
Her certainty

Of grace more real than any earthly thing.

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