Thursday, March 19, 2015

Reflections Luke 4: 14-19

He comes with dear compassion
To set the captives free,
To open wide our dungeons,
And give us liberty.
God’s Spirit is upon him:
He makes the blind to see,
And brings the richest blessings
To those in poverty.

And still men walk in blindness
And groan beneath their chains
And grind down one another
Until no joy remains.
Or locked in self-made prisons
And drowned in self-made night,
They do not hear his promise
They do not see his light.

But Christ has fully vanquished
Death, darkness and the grave.
He died beneath our sentence
And rose again to save.
And he would lead us onward
To fullest liberty
For those who own his Lordship

Alone are truly free.

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