Saturday, March 28, 2015

Reflections Luke 5: 17-19

None is more helpless than I,
I who am bound to a bed,
I, who cannot move at all,
From whom all power is fled.

I, who am stuck in the rut
Of my unwieldable flesh
And, while my muscles freeze still,
All my thoughts desperately thresh.

Where is relief for my need?
Where is the end of my pain?
God, who can make all things whole,
Give me my life back again!

Yet, though the tears of despair
Fall from my eyes in the night
My friends will yet lift me up
Claiming the burden is light.

They carry me where these legs
Are far too useless to go.
Bypassing these jostling crowds
By the one method they know.

Carrying me from despair
Into the presence of hope
Love reaching out like a prayer

Lowering me by a rope.

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