Friday, March 13, 2015

Reflections Luke 3: 21-22

Our God, he has come down,
Further than men can guess;
Into our shaking pain,
Into our wilderness.

He who had known no sin
Into the water goes,
Being at one with us,
For his love overflows.

Being at one with us,
(We all befouled and torn).
He, who is holy God,
Into our race was born.

He who was wholly God,
And is now wholly man,
Makes this descent for us
(This his eternal plan).

Into the Jordan’s stream,
Taking our human load:
Washed, who was always clean,
The perfect Son of God.

Oh, hear the Father’s word
To the beloved Son:
The whisper of his joy
Showered upon his own.

Those tender words of grace
Given to all his own.
We, the baptised in Christ,

We shall hear his “Well done!”

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