Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reflections Luke 4:5-8

Oh hungry heart, behold! Here stretches forth
Village and city, mountain and bright plain,
And shining seas, and countless human lives,
And all the splendour and the might of them,
And all the adulation and the fame,
And all the praise to soothe the ache of you …

Picture it, dare! All the celebrity
That makes you feel important and worthwhile;
And power, (oh sweet power!) yours, all yours,
And all the world your plaything and your toy,
And never need you bow to any man,
Nor lower eyes, nor ever stand aside,
Nor have to take your turn! All yours! All yours!

What would it cost? The least, the littlest thing,
One small obeisance, one last bow-the-knee
One tiny gesture to the world’s dark prince,
And magnitude of majesty is yours!
The kingdoms of this world at bargain price!

Or maybe not. Christ scorned that offering.
He chose a cross, the bitter gall of death,
Hunger and thirst and weariness and pain,
The servant’s towel, the whips, the biting scorn,
Our tomb of darkness and our crown of thorn.
And, beyond that, the joy of Easter morn!

And he shall reign for ever, ever more!

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