Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reflections Luke 4: 1-2

This the domain of demons
This is the lowest place
Desert of desperation
Darkness devoid of grace.

Here is the soul stretched tighter
Than soul knew how to be
Wilderness draws on empty
In utter nullity.

Here is the place we tremble
Here is the place we fear
Uttermost desolation
Cuts through us like a spear.

This would be our avoiding
The nadir of our dread.
What if it is obedience
Drawing us there instead?

What if the Spirit leads us,
Where devil-laughters sound?
What if God’s calling makes it
Utterly holy ground?

Jesus himself was tempted
Jesus himself was tried
Sent by the Holy Spirit
Where empty sands stretch wide.

There in the desolation
We must abide to know
The gloried God who calls us

Who will make rivers flow.

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