Thursday, March 05, 2015

Reflections Luke 2: 33-35

This, the upside-down kingdom,
Is not birthed easily.
(Not, at least, in the kingdoms of this world).

Every position reversed,
Every pride undone,
Every doing undone
(That which we call repentance).
The revealing of hearts is at hand.

There is a promise of sorrow
In the foothills of everlasting joy.
A time for breaking,
And a time for being remade.
A time of hope crushed,
And a time of hope fulfilled.
A time for a piercing sword,
And a time for the mending of wounds.
A time for death,
And a time for resurrection.

Give us wisdom to measure our days,
That we may know our time,
And know that it is not all time.
Remind us that shadows pass,
That the cost of the kingdom
Is everything and nothing,
And the price is small.

May we lift up our hands in acceptance

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