Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reflections Luke 5: 10-11

To follow Christ is to walk into mystery
Where everything is changed
And all your old systems fall away,
Fall away,
Fall away
As old horizons vanish,
And the solid ground is gone.

Here we must learn to walk on water,
To laugh at impossible things,
And be remade
Into someone learning love.

Scattered things
Are brought together
And we find that they are beautiful.
But the old beauties,
Solid stone,
Are torn apart and scattered.

We are not the same.
No longer is it enough
To fish for fish.
No longer is it enough
To plan our daily bread
And to build our habitations.
Now we must fish for men
(With what strange bait?)
And catch them

So that they can be set free.

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