Friday, March 27, 2015

Reflections Luke 5: 15-16

The furthest reaches, dark side of the moon,
The places deepest and most solitary,
Are echo-chambers for my skinted heart
Are my mind’s madness merging maximally.

Unless alone is truly not alone,
Unless the silence is to hear your song,
The love song you are singing over me
And have done so through all the ages long.

The solitudes can be a fairground maze
Of crazy mirrors, each to self-deceive,
Unless your truth shines brighter, bright on bright,
Lighting the way to what I must believe.

There is no lonely where your love shines down,
Bringing new beauty where my heart saw less;
Peace from the great confusion of the crowd,
Sweet restoration for my weariness.

Here is my plenty, where worlds fall away,
Here in your arms – no labour but to know.
To worship is to find that central point

Of stillness while the rampant rivers flow.

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