Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reflections Luke 4: 38-44

We are the weak ones
Broken on the wheel of life
Lacking strength of will or body to stay out the course
Finding hope too heavy to carry
Jesus, heal us!

We are the blind ones
We cannot see the way forward
Light and darkness are alike to us
And we cannot see what is true or beautiful
Jesus, heal us!

We are the deaf ones
No song enfolds us
No words allure us
And the word has no purchase in our hearts
Jesus, heal us!

We are the lame ones
We cannot walk in your ways
We are always the last ones, pushed aside,
And falling over our own feet
Jesus, heal us!

We are the lepers
Always calling out “Unclean!”
Avoided and despised,
Our selves a creeping horror
Jesus, heal us!

And your arms are open
And the cross still stands
There is healing for the broken

In the mercy of your hands

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