Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lent 13: 2 Samuel 7; 4 - 16

David would build a house for the Lord

These are my hands, my heart, my deep desire ..
These are the great things which I would aspire
They turn to ashes in Your Spirit’s fire.

I bring You, Lord, my eagerness of heart,
My deep excitement, charged in every part.
You bid me lay me down, then we can start.

I am confusion, guilt and fear and shame,
Yet would build for the honour of Your name
(And, yes, raise for myself a crumb of fame).

You, in Your mercy, turn another way,
To a bare hillside and a darkened day,
Where all my prideful longings fall away.

There, on that hill, between my tears I see
God, in His mercy, dying there for me,
Rising again, to reign eternally.

Not, not by any works of hands of mine
You build Your house. Yours is the bread, the wine,

You wash my feet and bid me come and dine.

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