Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lent 16. Psalm 103: 1 - 5

Praise the Lord O my soul …

Lord, let me learn Your praise
Let me learn You.
Let me see Your reality always;
Through the trembling curtain of my flesh
Let me see my Lord
Always present in His world.
Let me see You,
And let me learn to sing!

Let your praise spring forth from me,
Let every fibre
Sing of the wonder of my God!
Let the skeins of Your light
Liberate me to dance in delight to You,
Free as the dust motes dance in the least of sunlight.
Let these clumsy fingers
Build to Your praise;
Let these stumbling feet
Tread to your measure;
And these dry lips
Whisper Your Holy Name.
Let me learn to sing!

I am more than the dust motes:
Of Love.
Though my poor touch turns all to lead.
In the great economy of Grace
I weight as Christ. No lack
Is found. Oh sing!
Sing paltry flesh, slow mind!
Sing, tongue a-tangled!
Sing, morning light, evening star,
Sing storm and rainbow!
Sing of redemption! Sing of the love of a Father,
Deeper than deep, wider than vast horizons!
Sing of a hope and a future!
When the stars cease spinning,
His love will burn the sky
With a tenderness that wipes away each tear.
Let me learn to sing!

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