Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lent 3: Psalm 69

Out in the deeps, my God,
Utterly overthrown.
Out in the seething deeps
Utterly on my own.

Hatred and guilt make war
On my defenceless soul;
War mongered by myself,
Bitterly far from whole.

Oh that Christ’s cause may take
No darkening shame through me;
It was my very zeal
Brought this extremity.

All my confession brings
Only relentless scorn
Beating my torn heart down
Lashing with twisted thorn.

Lord, in Your saving hour
Turn towards me Your face.
One glimpse of Your great love
Overrides all disgrace.

One glimpse of Your great love,
You who have done it all:
You wore my crown of thorns
You drank the dregs of gall.

And while I wait Your dawn
In this defeating night;
I will sing forth Your praise,
I will believe in light.

I hear it now (by faith):
All upon earth and heaven
Shouting my Saviour’s praise,
To whom all glory given!

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