Monday, March 31, 2014

Lent 23: Isaiah 65: 17 - 21

The New Jerusalem

It will not be like this.
Not the uphill battle
That slides downhill;
Not the mingled sweat and tears,
The words that tear our hearts out, piece by piece,
The sullen cold of the betrayer’s kiss.

It will not be like this.
Thorns shall dance into flowers,
The old hurts shall depart to another country,
And our blindness be undone.
All the broken things are mended,
And the world made shiny-new.
Fear shall have no shadows left to lurk in,
And our doors shall be unbarred.

It will not be like this.
We will not huddle apart, fearing the stranger,
But the nations shall stream in,
One in their joy,
And we shall drink of peace till we are quenched,
And smile together in wonder.
When death and his minions go, we shall be so changed,
We must learn each other new.

It will not be like this

It will be like Him.

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