Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent 5: Matt 25: 31-46

Let me not rest in comfort.
Let the stars
Pierce me with purity!
Let the long wind’s sighing
Bring me the broken music of my kind,
And let my heart break with them!

Always the body!

These soft hands, educate in tenderness!
These weary feet
Must learn audacity, they must learn
To walk the darkness:
Brothers stumble there.

Yes, these hands
Must learn to give away instead of take
Must learn to open doors and not to shut
Must reach that place where they are torn by nails
Because they look like Yours!

This tongue must still
Until it learns to speak Your blessed peace.
These eyes must learn to see the pain that’s there.
These ears be open to Your Spirit’s voice
Saying, “Go here, go there, go one more mile!”
Saying, “Yes I am with you where you go!”

Yet above all
This heart must break, this heart must break again,
Becoming flesh, not concrete.
Letting You
Germinate life within it till it splits,
And tender shoots of glory touch the world

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