Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lent 18. Isaiah 7: 10 - 14

You will call his name Immanuel

God of the distant galaxies,
Of tsunami and volcano and the mighty tides,
God of the sweep of history
And the weight of years which crushes us,
God of subatomic particles
And those strange electric forces that hold us all together,
God of mystery and majesty
 And knowledge far too wonderful ...

God of holiness and greatness,
God of the trees in the Garden,
God who is truth and justice
And spoke the impossible law,
God of the thunder and the darkness
And truth like a consuming fire,
God who spoke worlds into being
And saw the nations rise and fall …

You are the God of the whisper,
And the tiny turnings of the heart.
You are the God who sought consent from a teenage girl
And guided one special star.
You are the God who wept.
You are the God who knows us each by name
And counts the hairs upon our heads.
You are our God.

You are God with us, not against us,
And with us for eternity.
You are the God who holds us
In the palm of Your nail-scarred hand forever.
You are there with the broken-hearted,
And You name the poor Your brothers.
You have walked the dark roads of our shame

And You lift us up to You.

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