Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent 4:: Luke 11: 5-13

This all my offering Lord, these empty hands
Borne as the hollow basket of my need.
Here, in Your light is no disguising me
Poor, naked, blind and pitiful indeed!

Oh, for the asking! But, my throat is dry,
My mind a whirlwind where denials scream.
I know, yet know not. Must I once again
Suffer my eye to take out its great beam?

You bid me come in utter nakedness,
Not knowing all but willing to be known
To here divest from my sufficiency:
Beggars are always welcome at Your throne.

Gladly to make me freeman of Your love;
To give the Bread of Heaven vast and free.
Offering the blessed wine of Paradise
Joy of the angels for my misery.

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