Monday, March 24, 2014

Lent 17; Luke 4: 24 - 30

Jesus rejected at Nazareth

We may speak courageous speeches,
And believe we’re speaking true;
We may claim a holy motive
For each single thing we do;
But the while we seek for honour
We will never walk with You.

Oh we hunger from the cradle
For the word that says “well done!”
And we seek the crowd’s approval
And the praise of everyone;
But despised, scorned and rejected
Was the fate of God’s own Son.

For the prophet was rejected
In the town that was His own;
For they cannot see the holiness
Of one who’s so well-known;
And if we would walk with Jesus
We must shun the ego’s throne.

We must hold fast through the darkness
We must bear their bitter scorn
Holding fast to him who loved us
Even when our hearts must mourn;
For beyond the night of weeping

Comes the glory of His dawn

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