Friday, March 14, 2014

Lent 8. Psalm 35: 1 - 17

Under the slanderer’s tongue
Something inside me died.
Under the slanderer’s tongue
You, Lord, were crucified.

You my defence and shield
In the dark flailing storm.
You hung without defence
And for my sake were torn.

I will call out Your name:
“Come, Lord and rescue me!”
You hung alone, alone,
And no one heard Your plea.

You will my surety be
Against the cruelest foe.
You took and drank my cup
Drained the last drop of woe.

You will raise up the poor,
You will restore the crushed;
You who gave up Your bliss
You who became like us.

I, who cry out “How long?”
Under my mortal thrall,
I put my trust in You

For You have borne it all.

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