Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lent 6. Matthew 6; 7 - 15

And when you pray …

Yes, Lord, You know my need, but Lord, do I?
It seems I must confess my needlessness,
My tightly woven, vast indifference.

Do I just take for granted all Your care,
Without a turning thought, an aching prayer?
Deliberate submission to Your will
Is something that my heart is needing still.

I am called to walk with God.
I am called to stretch my heart to hold Your word
Called to the joy of utter adoration.
The wonder-joy to know Your majesty
The glory-praise that sings eternally
God-ness of God in Your infinity.

And then to learn
Such love for all Your children near and far
Such burning passion that they may know good
That Your love holds them fast, as I am held,
And that they taste love’s treasure day by day.

And then Lord, let my heart be so truth-riven

That I forgive as deep as I’m forgiven.

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